Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Showers

My good pal Kim (of RPP modeling fame) is known, among other things, for her baking skills, and her adorable way of packaging lunches with little illustrations on sandwich wrappers, and for her love of her dog Eleanor and her boyfriend Kyle. It's been really fun to plan a silly wedding shower for her based on these things, and I wanted to share photos of what is surely my first & (possibly only) extreme pinterest effort in decorating and crafting.
Complete with a gold glitter name sign, and a million paper pom poms, we decked out my house in her wedding colors, and baked sugar cookies in the shape of Kim's family of three. After imbibing in bright pink liquid confidence, we all took a stab at decorating Kim, Kyle & Eleanor for their wedding, which turned into more of a multi-themed line of demented barbie dolls. (Malibu Kim and Kyle! Halloween Hotdog costume Kim and Kyle! Glamor Night-club Kim and Kyle!...)
Good to celebrate friends, and eat delicious food, and work hard on something other than my job. Nice to remember there are other important craft projects.

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Kim said...

I loved it!!!!