Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MD Film Fest starts tomorrow!!!

It's Film Festival Time in Baltimore!!! The greatest time of year! (and unfortunately, the time of year that annually conflicts with an out of town craft fair for us...) I've been working really hard around here recently and was in the studio until 2am last night. Lots of things going on, paintings to be made, and shirts to print & pack! I'm really excited to take a small break tomorrow night and head to opening night of the Maryland Film Festival.
Because there are so many films to choose from (50 features and 75 shorts this year!), it gets a little daunting to go through the program guide, but don't worry! Every year, the festival programmers (our pals Scott Braid & Eric Hatch) each make a list of their favorites on the Mobtown Shank, for those of us who panic over too many choices.

Check out Eric's Picks HERE
Check out Scott's Picks HERE

Hope to see you all there starting Wednesday, before heading of to Philly this weekend!

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