Thursday, November 13, 2014


"Are you SERIOUSLY telling me you don't know about the Red Prairie Press instagram account?" - Me, to anyone who seriously doesn't know about our instagram account.

Let's get real, people.

As we Americans creep closer to holiday season, and we retailers creep holiday season ever-more-encompasingly into your the entire year (as is the Retailer Best Friends Club of America* master plan for world dominance)... I was thinking that the real way to apologize about all that is to give things away to you right before the Holidays... so you can regift it to someone you like... or rather, someone you like, but don't "LIKE like"... on whom you don't want to spend money. So I will start giving things away. Once a week right after Thanksgiving, through our instagram account!
Holiday Giveaways. You've heard of that! You probably also heard that it's usually just a sneaky way to get your email address, or get your follow on social media.
It is.
It definitely is.
I want you to follow us, that's the deal.
But I want that because I believe you'll like what we have to show you, and because the prizes are real, and awesome, and handmade. And because that defines the term win-win.

In conclusion, if you SERIOUSLY think you shouldn't follow @redprairiepress on instagram... then don't. But you won't get free stuff and all your friends will know things that you don't know, and they'll see more photos of our cat, our studio, and our new offerings than you will.
And you'll feel pretty bad about yourself, because I'm talking about a very. cute. cat.
*There is no longer a club called the Retailer Best Friends Club of America. I couldn't find anyone to join.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Art Star Craft Bazaar, Philly 11/8 & 9

Well, somehow it's already fall, and the leaves are pretty, hats and coats are out, and we found ourselves full of warm soup and carving pumpkins last night while we watched the end to another world series and tried to form stronger opinions on the Maryland primaries with our neighbors and decide who to vote for in offices we don't understand. In other words... sounds of the season.
Our first winter craft fair in Philly next weekend (November 8 & 9) is the perfect way to enjoy fall and feel superior to the lazy slobs who do their holiday shopping in December (us, for instance).
Plus, you get to visit the Philadelphia Armory, which is a creepy cool building, and maybe these squirrels will be there shopping too... hard to say for certain. They look busy.
New dresses, pullovers, tees, scarves, and the whole shebang with be with us, and because armories don't really have heat... we'll drink any hot drink you deliver us! 
Thank you in advance, you best friend ever!!!!

November 8 & 9
22 S. 23rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103$2 Admission from 12-6pm, each day(Free to enter from 11am-12pm and 6pm-7pm, each day)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sweaty Eyeballs Time Once More!

Everyone's favorite Baltimore Animation Screening is this Friday night, and just in case you thought we didn't do enough screen printing during the week, Phil and I spent last weekend at Baltimore Print Studios pulling about 100 of these 3 color SWEATY EYEBALLS posters to hang around town for Baltimore's college students to steal for their dorm rooms and bachelor pads.

In case you missed seeing a poster, the prominent info is on social media, where info I post can be both stolen by evildoers AND simultaneously viewed by the masses! Hooray!

Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Invitational
October 17, 7:30pm
Falvey Hall
Maryland Institute College of Art Brown Center
1300 W Mt Royal Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217

WEBSITE (featuring participating animators, and additional info)

FACEBOOK EVENT (RSVP and help spread the word)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our very own ICY SIGN!

When I caught wind a few weeks ago that the artist behind one of my favorite murals in Baltimore was coming to town from Brooklyn to do a temporary pop-up project down by Lexington Market, I knew I'd want to be involved. Stephen Powers (of ICY SIGNS) along with a crew of talented sign painters has moved into a small space on Paca St. and for the last few weeks, has been doing a really great outreach project, making hand painted enamel signs for Baltimore businesses.... free of charge. If you've driven down 295 and peered toward Second Chance, you'll see some of the bigger signs they've been working on, but Red Prairie Press requested a smaller more mobile one since we don't yet have a permanent location. I am so grateful to have something so special to represent my own work, made by artists I respect so entirely. You can check out the genius of Stephen Power's work through his instagram account: HERE.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Abell Street Festival this weekend

Technically I won't be at my neighborhood's street festival this weekend, as we're taking a much needed couple days off and heading to see family in New Hampshire. Ahhhhhhhh fresh air.... but it doesn't mean we're not there in spirit, or that we didn't have a small hand in the planning (ok, we didn't plan one bit, but we made this sweet poster & tshirt, which you can purchase exclusively at the fair on Sunday)...

Abell Community Street Festival
3000-3200 blocks of Abell Ave
Baltimore, MD 21218

12-5pm Sunday, September 21

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

NY this weekend!

We had a great time in Chicago this past weekend! Successful craft fair, lots of dresses and tees are now out in the mid-west world... and delicious eats, as usual. Boy do we love that city!
Now I'm re-packing, frantically re-printing, and cleaning up the studio as I go, to get ready for Renegade Brooklyn - this weekend in Bushwick! 9/13-14 from 11am-6pm, you'll find us at booth #22!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I hesitate to post this photo of wrinkly, blurry, unprinted garments... but I am too proud, and too happy not to. After more than 6 (yes, SIX) months of trial and error, design, re-design, sampling, counter-sampling, factory frustration, fabric recalls, desperate jargon-learning, re-do's, factory swaps, thread recalls, shipping errors, fabric color errors, price negotiations (and re-negotiations), mis-information, research....... (you get the idea), I seem to have a large pile of our first color of our first style (out of 3 total) dresses finished, just in time for fall craft fair season. These dresses, while simple (and yes, quite wrinkled at the moment...), represent all that I wanted in a new garment this season: eco-friendly fabrics (this one is a Hemp/Organic cotton jersey knit), and that sweet sweet Made-in-America label (I used a local pattern designer, and I'm working with a Baltimore factory to cut& sew these, along with an additional branch of that same factory in PA). After so many troubles with this project, and so much frustration with the garment industry, the fabric industry, the fashion world in general... I cannot convey in words just how proud I am sitting here exhausted in a pile of garments in my studio (praying someone will actually want them, because FYI, factory minimums are about as high as Willie Nelson).
I am working out a way to write a more cohesive account of my experience with this project, and would love to hear other people's experience dipping toes into the realm of product production outside the indie studio experience. A truly fascinating journey it's been so far, and I look forward to sharing my souvenirs!

Frantically printing this week, and crossing my fingers that our Baltimore factory will be finished sewing in time with the rest of these ASAP.