Thursday, March 26, 2015

Handmade Knife!

Phil's knife from a class at Station North Tool Library

For Christmas this year, I got my husband Phil a knife making class at the community tool library in Baltimore. I rarely see him this excited about learning anything new - and it was such a cool process to watch (well...through photos). He came home last night with this beautiful new chef's knife - finally completed - and we chopped a carrot just for fun. Can't stress enough what a great facility the Station North Tool Library is for Baltimore - they not only teach rad classes like this one, but for a small annual membership fee, you can can borrow saws, pipe cutters, lawn tools, ladders - you name it. So much more rewarding and affordable to do house projects yourself, and these guys will teach you how.
It's owned by the friendliest couple you've ever met, and it's conveniently close to where we live.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Marquee Ball (and KITTIES!)

"The Lapwarmers" -Rachel Bone

This spring's Creative Alliance Marquee Ball (ie: THE arts event of the year, in Baltimore) is April 18. The art benefit auction, fancy dinner, and themed dance party are not to be missed, and help keep one of the city's best art resources in business all year. I've donated the above painting "Lapwarmers" for one lucky cat-lovin auction bidder to take home this year, and it's joined by dozens of other pieces by invited local artists. 
You can choose the fanciness of your ticket anywhere from $30 (members headed to the dance party only) up to $185 (VIP dinner party with celebrity guests, plus the auction & dance party, prizes... who knows. Let's face it - I can't afford this ticket, so I will never know what happens to the Marquee high rollers. It may be scandalous). This year's theme is the apocalyptic film series Mad Max. Join your favorite arts survivors for an unforgettable evening of great food, drinks and dancing inside civilization's last apathy-free zone, the Patterson! Expect great dance music, performances in the main gallery, a curated silent art auction, and amazing vacation and restaurant deals.
In a world of rust, dust and indifference, join our insurgency to fight for the right to be CREATIVE, no matter what the future brings! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

New Eco-Friendly Scarves!

Pretty excited about our new MADE IN USA, Eco-friendly infinity scarves! 
In the shop now along with a bunch of other spring newbies. to get yours!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Ninth Birthday! 20% off Sale! Free Rant!

Weekend Sale at

Another year has passed, my friends. I'm sitting at a cluttered desk in a cold studio, my back hurting from printing (ok, from shoveling) (ok, from attempting PX90, and finding out I can't do a pushup).
There are piles of orders I don't have time to finish. My window is leaking in cold snowy air. I'm already behind on this years bookkeeping, I'm wearing really dumb slippers, and I'm so. so. tired.... and yet... I can't help feeling proud of this little business as it turns 9 tomorrow. For all the people we've gotten to meet, places we've gotten to visit, and drawings I've gotten to draw because of it. Every day is hard work, mentally and physically. I don't always know what I'm doing, or if I'm doing it right. I get frustrated and angry, and I worry daily about the clothing industry, and its great impact on this big beautiful earth and its inhabitants, including humans.
But in the small successes of finding sustainable materials, local collaborators, and the satisfaction of working with like-minded companies (many of whom pay their entry level employees more than I'll make this year), and convincing people one by one that origin and content still matter, more than ever... I know I still have a place, and I know I'm in it.

Going into our 10th year, I have big goals and big energy for them. I'm convinced there is still a way to keep production in the United States. I'm convinced that Organic Cotton (despite what most fabric sales people have pitched to me) still exists and grows, in this country, and can be sold in smaller quantities than the bazillion yard minimums I've found so far.
I think there are ways for small business to make a difference in the revival of this industry, and these ethics, and maybe it even starts with us rather than with big business. I look forward to more research, and more hard work ahead. And if all else fails... surely I can at least build up to a few pushups.

In the meantime, enjoy 20% OFF your orders this weekend, with discount code #: NINER.
Thank you for all of your support these last 9 lives years. Rock on!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

here comes spring...

It's been quiet around here as I finish up our spring samples. I thought I'd give some sneak peeks here on the blog in case you're not following us on instagram (which would be crazy, of course)...

What I'm most proud of this season, however, isn't the new designs themselves. After significant effort and research and decision making, and some bummer compromises, I finally met my goal of adding only new styles that fall into one or both of the categories that are important to me (Made in USA, and/or made of eco-friendly materials... and ideally both of those things). This meant trimming back my use of some of my absolute favorite styles I found... but when comparing that to the feeling I get, concerning this company's impact on the world... I knew it was time to step up the effort. I'm really proud of how things are working out, and I can't wait to show you the full selection, after it previews to our shops next week!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A fun workshop with BPS!

It may be shocking, but when you screen print hundreds of tshirts every day, you start to forget the screen printing was ever something you were less competent at, and thus start thinking that you don't have any particular skills. This makes you question your relevance in the world, and then question your time management (because... WHAT have you been doing for 30 years while other people work full time AND finish full issues of the New Yorker AND seem to know all the Canadian territories, and Canadian indie rockers, and Canadian movie star wives...). Anyway.

Sometimes the best way to refresh your memory at your own job, is to regurgitate all of the knowledge you have to other people. Especially helpful when these people are enthusiastic to be there - and they make you feel like you have actual skills they don't have. They have 1,000 questions, and you have all the answers, and you will start work the next day with a new sense of pride in what you do, because you remember you used to be worse at your job, and now you are better, faster, smarter about it.
Really fun to be with a great group at Baltimore Print Studios last night for what was my fourth workshop there. It makes me so happy to see so much community interest in printmaking (not just t-shirt printing, but letterpress, poster screen printing, block printing, type setting...) and active use of this awesome print facility in Baltimore. Wanna take a class? There are always new ones being posted on the BPS website: HERE
(might I recommend the $40 Valentine making one? SO great!!!)

Monday, January 12, 2015

T-shirt Printing Workshop - Tuesday 1/13/15

Image of T-shirt Printing Workshop with Red Prairie PressImage of T-shirt Printing Workshop with Red Prairie Press

We had 2 spots open up in the tshirt workshop at Baltimore Print Studios tomorrow night, and would love to see two of you there! I team teach this 3 hour beginner tshirt printing workshop with Kim & Kyle of BPS, and it's a lot of fun. More fun than your average Tuesday night (or at least... mine?). Plus, you go home with 3 super cool new tshirts, and the knowledge of how to make more. SIGN UP HERE!