Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Learn to Screenprint Tshirts!

Are you in "complete aw" of screen printed tshirts? Does your new "band" need "merch"? Wanna be "just like Red Prairie Press"? Well.... now you can be! Sign up for the Tshirt Screenprinting workshop I'm teaching at Baltimore Print Studios and your printing muscles will be absolutely shredded in no time! Guaranteed way to get buff in the arms, PLUS, bonus points if you come up with a new cuss word when you drop ink on your shoe! Limited spots, so sign up quick or forever use iron-on fuzzy-letters. http://shop.baltimoreprintstudios.com/product/t-shirt-printing-workshop-with-red-prairie-press

This month's workshop sold out in just hours - I hope to be able to offer it again soon!

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