Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Logo!

I decided Red Prairie Press needed a new logo to help celebrate our 8th birthday this week! Here it is in all it's glory. Think of it as a banner of handmade. Or a yard of the glorious organic cotton/hemp blend fabric I'm working SO HARD to make into new original pieces, despite some tough setbacks, and large learning curve. Or a scarf to wrap you up in. Or a long piece of paper to write our to do lists on. Or a second scarf, because it is so cold in Baltimore right now. Or a curtain, to open, and let in the sun... through the windows of the new studio. Or a lasagna noodle, to make a warm cozy mid-week meal out of. Or a mall pretzel, to save you from a meltdown at the mall (hey, what are you doing at the mall?), or a magic carpet, to fly me a delivery pretzel, or a giant bow, on the gift of you having stuck with us these last 8 years. Thanks. Happy Birthday, Red Prairie Press!

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