Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tiny Inventions

Every visit to my shared painting studio in the last year has involved climbing carefully on tiptoe beyond enormous cardboard and balsa-wood sets, studio lighting, computers and cameras, through a heavy black curtain, and past two animators, hunched determined over their work. I have been tempted so many times to gobble up handfuls of polymer clay, because they look so convincingly like miniature baked goods that I'm positive they'll taste good despite their ingredients. The little storefronts stained with coffee and dulled gouache paints are so perfectly european that I can't help getting jealous of the stiff models of people standing on the edges of sets, because I'd give anything to pin flyers up in their coffee shops, or get my bicycle tuned up in the little bike store. This week, Max and Ru (the ones I described bent over computers in the studio) are putting the final touches on their animation, which has taken more than two years, and been worked on in at least three different countries. HERE is a trailer of the film. 
They were also interviewed by about their unique process, which combines live action, handmade objects with computer generated movement. You can watch that  HERE.
Great to see such awesome work happening in Baltimore, and a true pleasure to see behind the scenes.


Elizabeth said...

That animation looks so exciting! I'm about to graduate from school and I'm looking for studio space in Baltimore, do you have any recommendations for where to look?

Red Prairie Press said...

Hi Elizabeth! You could try the Hooper Mill, Area 405, Copycat or Brickhaus to start, or contact Current Gallery if you're looking for a smaller space. Best of luck and welcome to Baltimore!