Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thanks, World Maker Faire!

We had a fantastic time this weekend in NY at the World Maker Faire! Honestly, I'm so completely blown away by the things I didn't know existed in the world, that I'm not sure where to begin. Butterfly bicycles, Cupcakes & Hammocks as motorized passenger vehicles, 3D printers for the consumer, unicorns that shoot fire from their horn and pee your beverage of choice, pancake robots, "artbots"... a camping trailer made entirely of refurbished materials by people who don't own any tools (they borrowed them from a local tool library), lessons on soldering, lock picking, sewing, composting... and Robots, Robots, Robots.
We got to see a performance of coke+mentos explosions and a life sized version of the game of "Mouse Trap". We met some ridiculous people, and some very very smart people... and despite screen-printing being possibly the least impressive undertaking displayed at a fair like this - we had some of the most enthusiastic and appreciative shoppers ever. What a treat!
We had SO much fun that it made accidentally getting our car towed on Monday morning from a spot in Brooklyn just a little less painful. The visits with our NY friends, the new and exciting people, and the frequent flier points I earned purchasing my toyota back from the NYPD for $300 (yes, really! $185 for towing, plus a $115 bonus parking ticket for the same offense.) might just get us to one of the other Maker Faires. They happen all over the country, and I bet there's cheaper parking if you look for it...

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