Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall is here.

Wishing my favorite fellow a happy birthday today. We took an early morning walk in the woods with our coffee this morning, and it was the first time I've been cold outside in months. The leaves are changing and there are black walnuts on the ground (which I've been obsessed with collecting and curing, but I hear it dyes your hands purple, so I am shy)...

This is always the best time of year, because the weather is so fresh and crisp, all my favorite vegetables are in season, and for some reason, it's the busiest part of the year for art shows and creative events in the city. What a good time to be alive & celebrating.

We had a great weekend with friends in from out of town. Went to a new apartment gallery in Waverly, and visited Litho Shop in clipper mill to watch Bill Fick prints being made and chat with Baltimore's entire printmaking community (and then some). Meant to go backpacking, but due to rain, we ended up going out to eat, going to the movies, watching football & baseball (not the best weekend for that in Baltimore, but today is a new day, and any day is a good day for sports watching when there are snacks).

I'm gearing up for a busy week of printing, visiting a MICA class for midterm crit's, jurying a craft fair, shipping fall wholesale orders, catching up on emails (how is it already 1pm? All I've done today is answer emails!), packing for Ballston Market in VA on Saturday and #1 priority: extending birthday celebrations all week long, as they should be!

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Alicia and Seth said...

Happy Birthday to our favorite person named Phil. xoxoxoxoxo -A&S