Friday, October 12, 2012


I'm home sick in bed today with a nasty sore throat, which is inconvenient because we have a craft fair tomorrow in Ballston, VA for which I have not packed. Hopefully the clothes will pack themselves politely into bins, and when I finally drag myself out of bed this afternoon, I'll just have to haul them upstairs and out to the car. Ack.

In the meantime, I'm finally slowing down for a second and realizing I'm one of those people who neglects their blog. CRAP! I also realized I am someone who used to constantly look at Etsy and get inspired and pretend I can buy everything. I went into my favorites section today and gazed at all the glorious fall things I love. You can see all my "favorited" items HERE.

Neato, Right? It's like... what people who aren't Brides look at instead of Pinterest (or in my case, what you do instead of planning your wedding because the black hole that is Pinterest doesn't exist yet to turn-crazytown the young fiancé's of the world). In any case- look at all these warm cozy things on Etsy! So nice and friendly looking after all the stress of this week (ie: watching debates and baseball playoffs)(The other team's a pantywaist! boogers to their faces!! Let's Go O's! wooooo! Sports!)(this could be why my throat is sore)...

I've been searching for a vintage butter melting ladle (Yes really. This - and not baseball or politics - is what I think about) for a while but can't seem to find one that isn't all chipped on the edges. I like these little ones - think I might have to buy them. Can you cook with enamel-ware that's been chipped? That's ok, right? I'm on a quest to not own new things, and am just in love with mid-century everything - like everyone. Including the brides on Pinterest, probably. OMG I should go check.

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