Monday, October 15, 2012

Custom Orders through PidgePidge

CLICK HERE to read a great writeup of my good friend Vanessa Lauria of PidgePidge on the new Makeably site.

Makeably is a new way for people with creative ideas to collaborate with makers to create custom items. As it’s become easier to buy things from anywhere in the world, It’s become even harder to find that exact thing you want, that perfect gift, something truly unique and, more importantly, specific to you. Makeably was founded on the idea of making it easy for you to turn your thoughtful and original ideas into reality, with a little help from their hand-picked community of makers... and if their choice of my very talented friend is any indication.. I can't WAIT to see the rest of the makers they've chosen! I have two of Vanessa's scarves and pine for another one on a regular basis (I am addicted to all of her bright colors and soft textures). One of the ones I bought from her gets so much wear and so many compliments that everyone I know in Baltimore knows who made it. Especially this time of year. Perfect scarf weather! Go buy one of these beauties, or commission your own right here!

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