Thursday, September 27, 2012


Puuuuurdy darn excited to be part of Make Magazine's World Maker-Faire (a sort of... science fair for adults, if you will)in Queens, NY this weekend! Bust Craftacular holds a craft fair on the Faire-grounds each year, and this year we'll be hocking all your Red Prairie Press favorites, WHILE simultaneously spying on all the supercool inventions and geek-stuffs on exhibit. To check out video & photos from years past: CLICK HERE.

Hope you can make it!


Rebecca H. said...

Saw you guys (and purchased a shirt) at Maker Faire yesterday and had no idea you were from Baltimore. I've not lived there since '04, but its good to see good things coming from that town.

Red Prairie Press said...

Thanks for coming out this weekend! There's a TON of great stuff happening in Baltimore these days - glad you got to see a taste of it. Come back and visit the city soon, you'll be blown away how much it's changed for the greater!