Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Future, France - 1899

Images from CBS News - Paintings by a group of French artists

Thanks to my cousin Michael, I have just officially spent an hour staring at these. CBS News just posted images from a mind-blowing, giggle-inducing, flight-obsessed collection of postcards of "the future" created by painter Jean-Marc Cote along with a handful of other artists in France, 1899 - depicting their visions for the year 2000, and made for the World exhibition in 1900. Just to tempt you to scroll through, I'll say that one titled "Le Lawn-Tennis" caught my eye, as did the truly adorable "battle cars". I'm beginning to think the US military has been putting their money into the wrong place. I for one would choose to fight a "battle-car" with my bare hands (and possibly even a hummer) over playing a tennis match against any version of Venus Williams or Andy Murray that could levitate.

I think I need another full hour to think about the chicken breeding machine before committing any thoughts to written word. In the meantime, enjoy.

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