Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dogs and Prints

Val of Bowerbox Press

Phil was attacked by a dog on Friday night, landing us in the ER for much of the weekend and inspiring a mega grody photo shoot too graphic for this blog. It changed quite a few of our plans including anything having to do with Phil's right hand for the next month, such as swim, play guitar, animate, write, do dishes, lift anything heavier than the cat... or drive (due to the heavy painkillers they've equipped him with). In short, we don't have a ton of great things to say about this weekend (or about dogs) at our camp... but lucky for us, there's the internet! My friend Val has been fixing up an old barn in Monkton as a place to run her letterpress printing company (Bowerbox Press). She just posted this animated photo of herself wearing a limited edition Red Prairie Press dress doing her first print run in the new setup, and it made me smile wide. So proud of my industrious friends!

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