Monday, August 20, 2012

Red Prairie Press is now powered by wind!

Phil bought me this print from Dutch Door Press a few years ago for my birthday and every day I see it in the kitchen and smile. I love windmills, both for what they represent (clean, green, renewable energy) and for their history and beauty. One of my goals in starting Red Prairie Press was to be as environmentally responsible as I could. I do that by using waterbased inks (no chemicals are required in cleanup, and fabric doesn't have to heat as high to set the ink - using less energy to create each shirt). I also carry some organic cotton pieces for both women & children, and most recently started having my own apparel pieces (skirts & scarves) sewn entirely here in Baltimore - which means a bit less of a carbon footprint from shipping shirts all over the country & back.

As of last week, I met one of my most exciting environmental goals to date: Red Prairie Press is now running on 100% wind energy! Very excited about this new achievement, and I can't stress how easy it was to sign up. After consulting friends who've been using the service I chose for a couple years & have seen their energy bills drop, I spent 10 minutes online reviewing the agreement with the wind energy supplier, and that was it. Once you sign up through the website - they contact your service provider (for us: Baltimore Gas & Electric) and set up the contract with them so you don't have to do a thing. Your service provider (BGE) will always be in charge of your powerlines and service, and they use a variety of sources to fuel the grid you're on (so although your payments go entirely toward wind power, your power may come from a variety of sources depending on your location. Sharing the power this way ensures there will never be a lack of power for your business or home if say, the windmill you're paying for in western MD has a windless day.

In short, my point is this: we're getting good rates and supporting clean energy, and we feel pretty darn good about that and thought we'd pass it on.


nicole said...

awesome! congrats!

sara said...

Holy smokes that's awesome! you guys are awesome!!