Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rachel Bone on

UPDATE: starts at 11am- sorry if you looked and couldn't find it early this morning! It's here! My very special & exciting THREE DAY ONLY print sale on starts today, May 28th and goes until May 30th. Thanks to popular demand (and my budding romance with - For the first time ever, you can purchase fine art prints of over 40 of my paintings, and they're being offered at a heavily discounted price for the next three days. I do plan to offer a smaller selection of this collection of prints on Red Prairie Press AFTER the sale ends, but they'll be more expensive - so the next three days are when you want to grab them up! I'd love your help promoting the heck out of this sale, since it's only three days, and I want as many people as possible to get these prints as affordably as possible. You can CLICK HERE for a direct link to the sale. You do have to sign up for a Fab account, but it's quick, easy and completely free (I promise. I double checked, just so I could promise you.)

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