Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Less than 2 days left to buy art prints

I can't believe how quickly time moves when you are having a three day sale! I'm already about halfway though my sale with Fab.com and finally figured out how to see how many prints are selling. Holy moly! we've got a lot of paper to order!!! Plenty more prints are still available, but only until 10am on Thursday. If you haven't signed up for Fab yet, I highly recommend it - not just to look at my sale (though it's a great reason, if you ask me) but to check out all the other really cool stuff they offer at ridiculously low prices. A great way to decorate your house and buy affordable, well designed gifts. For a direct link to my print sale - CLICK HERE (if you're not a Fab member already, it will take you to a signin and away from this link, so once you're in, just search for "Rachel Bone") Happy Shopping!

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