Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last HOUR of


One hour left until all of these prints of my paintings are gone from the internet, and I can stop promoting them and go back to giving you important anecdotal information about life, such as "look at the new painting I made of the USA" or "Guess what? I'm shopping for thread for more skirt colors today!" or "Do you know what I saw in the back yard last night? A SPIDERWEB!" WHILE managing the Fab sale this week (which has gone swimmingly - THANK YOU all for your orders), I've also been working on a new tee design, ordering a new skirt color (Olive Green! Thank you for asking), applying to WINTER CRAFT FAIRS which (absurd), prepping for summer craft fairs, sewing a wedding Chuppah for my beautiful next door neighbors, helping Phil plan an animation show in Baltimore (YEAH),shipping out wholesale orders, printing printing, de-humidifying the studio and dreaming of having the sort of full day of free time that allows a trip to somewhere full of cold water that I can jump into. Phil and I bought a vacuum cleaner last night, which took us exactly 2 hours because we are indecisive, and because I lost him in the store for an hour. We've been together so long (and are so disgusting) that this is our 5th vacuum cleaner together. We hope to make it last this time. To bask in the glory of the last 50 minutes of my Fab sale - you can click HERE.

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