Monday, June 4, 2012


This weekend marked two firsts. (Probably more, but here are the two that stood out).

1)I sewed my very first Chuppah, and got to see it put to use in a beautiful wedding of two outstanding people. J & N moved in next door about a year ago and instantly became two of our favorite ladies in Baltimore. They are an inspiring duo: Incredibly kind and selfless, hilarious and energetic, and tirelessly campaigning for their beliefs. They've made us better people, and more aware and involved in so many important causes. I was honored to make them a wedding Chuppah (that would be the sheet you see above their heads), and to be at their wedding. I feel so incredibly lucky to know them, drink wine on their porch once a week, and share a wall with them. In a city with plenty of reasons to leave... our neighborhood is like a fairytale community because of people like these two.

2) The other thing I did this weekend, is run eight miles. (Legit runners - please note that I've never run more than 6, and that was with stopping a dozen times). You would think these two things would have nothing to do with each other (and in fact, might even CONFLICT due to late night wedding revelry). But this was the sort of wedding where you feel drunk on life with no alcohol required. I'm telling you - these are two awfully inspirational women, and there were a half dozen speeches, testifying their lifelong greatness and resolve for getting things done no matter the sacrifice... and it struck me I'd like to be even half as determined as either of my friends at ANYTHING I do. Turns out you can get quite a bit done with that attitude.

Sidenote: Phil and I have been married for four years this July. We had a big wedding in New Hampshire, but got our actual legal documents a few months before, at the courthouse in Baltimore. Ahead of us in line to get married that day was a couple who seemed to despise each other in every way. They fought, sneered at each other through gritted teeth, and as they entered the room, I watched one of them shove the other forward a bit to move faster in a violent agressive way. I of course don't know that couple's story, or why they decided to get married. But I know that despite appearing to hate each other, they were allowed to be married because they are straight. My two friends next door have been together over five years, are the most supportive and loving couple I've ever met. We have watched both of them make enormous sacrifices for the other (in diet, religious traditions, career, location...) but despite having a beautiful wedding this weekend - they will not be recognized as married by our state, or our country because they are two women. MD votes in September on this very issue, and I hope we can get this law changed so that everyone gets a fair chance. I considered not writing about this on the company blog, because it's political, and might not be agreeable to all my customers, but then I thought about my neighbors, and all they would sacrifice for a cause if they thought it was important. So, here you are, a political opinion on a non-political blog.

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