Monday, April 2, 2012

Our new A-Line Skirts are HERE!

Stretch A-line Skirts by Red Prairie Press

Do you know how long it takes to develop a new product, made in the USA? I do. It starts somewhere last summer, when your friend Julie offers to help make a pattern. This involves a sample pattern, some sample hand-sewn skirts, some testing on friends. A redo of the pattern. It continues through dozens of fabric samples, lots of emails to suppliers and meetings with a cut+sew facility right in Baltimore. It goes to samples sometime in January, then printing those samples, fitting them to a model, photographing, re-doing the samples again to try a different stitch, arguing with a fabric seller, being shouted at by lots of middle aged men over the phone, and then encouraged by your friends who are helping you WAY too much on your project. You take orders at a wholesale show, you meet lots of great stores who want to try these skirts! You get shouted at some more over the phone, you get pricing for labels, and realize it's cheaper and more environmentally friendly to screenprint them yourself. You make a new screen for that. You grow slightly thicker skin and learn to be slightly cynical. Finally... in late march, you and Julie get to go pick up the big pile of skirts (for which, it turns out, you are not provided a box- so they pile in the back of your car on a series of raincoats and fabric scraps to keep them clean). You take them home, you print them for days, your intern bless-her-great-big-soul puts the listing up on the website so it's ready to go when you finish printing... and you write a blogpost about it.
It's official- you can now buy one of the brand new Jersey stretch A-Line skirts at!
We have a limited supply, due to wholesalers placing far larger orders than expected (which means you'll also be able to buy one from lots of shops - more on this soon)! We may not have the next batch for another couple months, so if you're pining for one, and you want it before July... grab it now! They will start shipping Wednesday.
If you miss them, don't fret. I'll be posting a list of places to grab one in person very soon.

Can't wait for you to have one!
Click HERE to go shopping.

Happy April, friends. Thank you for rooting us on!