Thursday, March 29, 2012

Julie Bent

Designs by Julie Bent

I wanted to show you a little of the behind the scenes on our skirts - which will arrive on our website MONDAY April 2nd in a limited quantity, so set your alarm if you'd like one! The person behind the pattern making, consulting, sourcing, and general wrangling of production is Baltimore clothing designer Julie Bent. Julie has been a friend for a few years and I've always wanted to do a project with her. I love her clothing designs, and think she's extremely talented and always dynamic and energetic. Without Julie's boundless enthusiasm, cheerleading and knowledge of the industry, I wouldn't have made it through the skirt project. I'm so lucky to have had her on board generously giving me far more time than she bargained for.
On April 21st, Julie is participating in a charity benefit fashion show at the Baltimore Aquarium called "Synergy, Fashion & Arts for a cause" (the cause being the environment and specifically the protection of animals like those housed at our city's aquarium).
All designers involved will create lines inspired by nature and the aquarium and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

You can find out more about the show and buy tickets HERE.
And see more of Julie's work on her website:

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