Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fresh coat

I was having a bad day on Friday, and I decided that this was a weekend I should stay in, avoid social life, and do a house project. Our house was owned by two awesome artists before we bought it, and for the last two years, we've kept most of their original paint jobs because we like their style. Ironically, the bathroom has been one of my favorite rooms in our house - the horizontal bead board wall was painted pepto bismal pink and coupled with these sorta gross polyester cowboy themed curtains. For some reason, I laughed every time I went in there, and it's always made me happy. But the paint was getting dusty, and we started realizing that although it was original and hilarious (as a bathroom really should be), it wasn't our own originality. I decided to give a fresh coat of paint in our own style. I spent the weekend painting the bead board chalk white and the trim bright yellow, fixing the drain on our sink, and coming up with ideas for hand printed curtains I'll sew once I reorganize all the shelves.
It's nice to have change that's so manageable and light altering. In a row house, it's very hard to achieve anything but dim light since there are mostly only windows at the front & back of the house. The bathroom feels so much brighter, and although it's not nearly as hilarious as it used to be - It's cleaner, fresher, and feels like it's ours. Sometimes when things feel so out of your own control in life, it's nice to find projects that are easy to accomplish like this.
Can't wait to show you the whole thing when I'm done!


Nogeeshik said...

love it!

Red Prairie Press said...

Thanks - now that i think about it - this may not be original either - it looks a lot like your living room!