Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Can you believe it? Little old Red Prairie Press is 6 years old today!
A friend asked what the milestone was that made our birthday officially March 7th. I must admit, that I can't even remember if it was the day I quit my last job, or the day I finally conquored the MD tax & licensing offices after a 12 day hostile, bloody, blindfolded sword battle with my wounded left hand.
Either way - we just want to give you a discount and give ourselves cake. So, don't over think it, Sarah.

As a thank you for keeping our enormous moneybag of gold FULL TO THE BRIM for the last 6 years*, we're offering 20% off of everything in the shop - and GUESS WHAT? We've added a bunch of new styles to the website for you to try at a discount!
A few more things are going up today on the site, so shop on.

USE CODE# BIRTHDAY6 To get your discount at checkout on

Thank you for choosing to shop small and local. You are making a positive effect on your community!

*exaggeration. our moneybag is only 5/8 full of gold.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

happy birthday!!! you can begin kindergarten now.