Monday, February 27, 2012

Make Things With Friends

On Saturday I did something that scared me - I collaborated with other people.
It is my new year's resolution to make more art without a definite plan or purpose - simply to make things for the sake of making them... which I seem to do less and less since starting a business with the purpose of selling things. I decided recently that this process of making art for the heck of it might go best if done with friends (which turned out to be correct). So I wrangled together some of my favorite artists and dragged all the Red Prairie Press tshirt screens to Baltimore Print Studios (where my friends brought some of THEIR screens from various projects, and made a few more on the spot). We worked all night and made a bunch of complete crap, and about a dozen total gems. It's so much fun to let go in this way, and also to spend a night eating pizza, laughing with friends, and sharing art. Is there much more to the good life than this? When you run a business with your art you often lose sight of why you started making it in the first place. I encourage you to seek out a reminder, because it's quite motivating.

To see all the prints we made, and some photos of the night, click HERE.
(a note of warning - there may be a cuss word or two on some of the posters. We beg the pardon of any proper ladies + gents among the blogreadership who might be made rosy cheeked by the sight of them. I think you should blame the boys. Boys are so immature).

Participating Artists:
Sarah Templin
Bruce Willen
Kyle Van Horn
Kim Bentley

Phil Davis
Phil Kerrigan
and me,
Rachel Bone


P K said...

I would love to do this again!

Phil Davis said...

Me too!
-potatochip face