Friday, March 9, 2012

Open Walls

photo credit-Brian Phillips via facebook

Um... can we do this in Baltimore?
This mural was painted by Dan Rudmann, Michael Sieben, Jason Archer, Andy MacDougall and my friend Nate Duval.
It's on the side of a building in Austin on 4th street and Lavaca. HGTV has taken the building over for SXSW and will be giving screenprinting demos by Andy MacDougall. They'll be printing posters through the week and bands and yes, people will be able to come and do their own painting inside the frames. SO FRICKING COOL!
detail from Maya Hayuk's mural on Charles St. in station north

I was out for a special 30th birthday lunch with a friend yesterday talking about how the new mural on Charles street across from the Charles Theater (above) is really beautiful and I wanted to know more about it. Apparently, it was done by artist Maya Hayuk as part of a new mural project in Station North called "Open Walls Baltimore." (an initiative started by a Baltimore street artist called Gaia - to which I'm apparently slightly late to the game. There is news about this EVERYWHERE). A ton of artists are lined up to do murals, and some of them are people who's art i would pay to see.
Might I just say, I'm a LITTLE BIT EXCITED by this project. We're no Austin, TX and we don't pretend to be... but are we finally working on our cool factor, Bmore? Let's do it!

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