Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's New!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Crafty Bastards this weekend in DC. I left the booth in good hands with my pals Jon & Nogeeshik, and they absolutely loved meeting you all, even with the chilly weather. DC you are an inspiration to shoppers everywhere, and we salute you as always!

My next show will be in Pittsburgh - Handmade Arcade on November 12th. It's another one of my favorites, and I'm already getting excited! In the meantime, I'm keeping busy working on Holiday Heap for Baltimore in December (APPLY NOW!) as well as gearing up for some NON-craft fair October appearances with a guest critic & artist talk at MICA and some panel discussions at the Summit of Awesome in Baltimore. Really excited to meet everyone at both of those events, even if it means I have to conquer one of my biggest fears (public speaking). I'm glad to get out of the studio for a bit.

Today Phil and I met with a rep from Alternative Apparel here at the studio to look at some new apparel for this winter. I am feeling invigorated and excited about a few new pieces, and still swooning from just TOUCHING the soft soft fabrics that were at the table with us!

Can't wait to get started. Happy Fall, everyone!

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