Friday, September 23, 2011


Pretty excited for my favorite craft show of the year - coming up October 1st in Washington DC - It's CRAFTY BASTARDS time!
I will sadly only get to see the very beginning of the show this year, as I'll be playing it like a movie star, and jumping on a plane to NH (right? aren't movie stars always flying to rural new england? what?) to go partake in a special friend's unmissable wedding that same afternoon! (thus practically achieving the age old pursuit of being in two places at once).
But don't worry - the Red Prairie Press booth with rage through the day regardless. My outstanding & knowledgeable friends Nogeeshik & Jon will be there to guide you to fashion perfection with their sparkling smiles & alluring aussie accents. They'll be selling you the same great tees and would love to say hello!

In a week where almost nothing has gone according to plan, I'm so glad to be able to count on great friends and great organizations like Hello Craft - who organizes this awesome fair. Can't wait to see everyone!

Crafty Bastards
October 1 - 10am-5pm
Marie Reed Learning Center
Adams Morgan
Washington, DC

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