Friday, October 14, 2011

2012 Calendars!

I'm so excited to announce that my 2012 Calendars are now available, exclusively through Art Star in Philly (and, of course, on their website).
The calendar is a collaboration between myself and Art Star, and features 12 paintings from my Alphabet series with the shop, and hand drawn calendar months. I can't wait for you to have one! I won't be selling these in my own shop - they'll only be available through Art Star for now.

to see more images, and to get one of your very own.

I'm having a really fun week. I got to visit a Senior Thesis class at MICA yesterday and be a guest critic, and then give an artist talk (have I mentioned I HATE public speaking? Luckily these guys & gals were super cool and I was happy to share my work with them after they'd graciously shared theirs with ME for 5 hours). Today I was interviewed & photographed by the Baltimore Sun for an article about Baltimore Print Studios, and now I'm working on an exclusive project for the Baltimore Museum of Art which will be in their gift shop for the holidays! I'm happy that the weekend is almost here, but really feeling great about work this fall.

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