Monday, October 17, 2011


What an great weekend we've had in Baltimore. The leaves out front have started to change and the weather on Saturday was picture perfect for the Baltimore Marathon - which we did not run but DID cheer on as it passed by our street. Phil got on TV for playing his guitar for the runners, and we both got inspired to go for a 6 mile run in the park on Sunday.
(The aftermath of which was me putting on sweatpants for the rest of the day, mind you. So I'm still unclear how anyone functions after 26.2 miles).
Our days this month are filled with working, but also with making soup + baking bread and pies for cooler weather, going to neighborhood fiddle jam sessions, taking walks, watching football, drinking apple cider and absorbing the last rays of autumn sun before it's too cold to bare any skin outdoors. I've always loved fall. My favorite foods abound, good smells waft through the air, there is an abundance of candy, and everyone wears scarves.

I start this week particularly inspired to have a great fall, and I hope you're feeling the same. The bright colors & crisp air insist a new season is upon us, and so- a new beginning. Despite what Fall promises in fact (a few cold, dark, months of lifeless winter) I still find this season the most refreshing. Leaves on trees die in the most graceful, colorful way, and we get to enjoy the whole thing! Is the irony of finding inspiration in death & decay lost on me? No it is not. But neither is the irony of being inspired by a fellow human willing to suffer 26.2 miles of running without being paid or chased.
There is great absurdity all around us... but lets be inspired by the less sensible things, or we might all end up forgettable.

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