Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jonathan Mann - Song a Day

If you are familiar with my paintings at all, you'll know that I generally paint women. I can't entirely explain where this came from. Maybe it's that I started my foundation drawing in a women's college that refused to use male models (true fact). Maybe it's because I now model for every painting myself, in reference photos. Maybe it's just that I like painting dresses more than pants?
I've been called a feminist artist, which has always made me chuckle, because I'm more self-absorbed than anything else, with this routine. But in any case, I don't draw men that often, and I decided recently that perhaps I should start.
Enter, Jonathan Mann! Do you know about Jonathan Mann? For the last two years, he's been producing an original song, with an accompanying youtube video FOR that song every single day. 365 days a year. Even when he's sick with the stomach flu or on vacation. The project has gone so well that Jonathan is now producing an album with a few choice songs from the last two years (he allowed his loyal fans to vote on which songs got in)... and in a kickstarter campaign to fund the albums production, he promised higher donars a tshirt or poster with an original design - and he asked me to make that design.
I loved doing it, and can't wait to see the tees and posters done! check out songatron.com for more info on the song-a-day project!

wanna see the only other commissioned illustration project I've done of men in the past 10 years? Here it is. A collaboration with my pal Mikey, with very specific instructions. Other than that, I have no explanation at this time.

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