Monday, August 1, 2011

Having a time.

Oh life.

Happy August everyone!
Woke up this morning with a nasty case of poison ivy all over the backs of my legs - must be that I'm correctly approaching summer then, right?
This last month has been a flurry of activity for us here at Red Prairie HQ. I worked on my first ever illustration of men (I'll show you soon - just need to get the ok from the commissioner), My first ever Movie poster, My first real "acting" gig in a music video (see above)... and so much more! We have also been seeing lots of friends, having yard sales, tubing on rivers, eating things like watermelon gazpacho, and fried green tomatoes... and doing some demolition work to Phil's office closet, which is making way for my desk! We have decided to share an office and make my current office into a guest room - very excited about this, especially since it means we'll be moving our TV out of the living room and up to that room. I love the idea of replacing it with plants and artwork and can't wait until we're all done and organized. In the meantime, Phil's hand is healing nicely and he's working hard on a hand drawn animation, which should be done by fall.
Loving life. Hope you are too.

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