Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So tell me, fellow survivors of July, Hows it going? Draw me a picture.
Are you melting on your laptop on your kitchen table like me, or are you freezing at your desk job because someone's over-doing it with the central air? As far as jobs go, there are those which require a tank top in the summer (mine) and those which require a sweatshirt (my mom, a librarian, keeps a cardigan at her desk). LUCKILY, we've got plenty of both! And everything in the shop is on sale for 25% off if you can just beat the heat delirium and remember the coupon code: "SAVEOURSUMMER" Now through July 30th.

We highly recommend eating a popsicle before/during/after shopping... but hurry! we aren't restocking the site until after the sale, so once these gems are gone, they're... well... more expensive later.

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