Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thank You

by Erica Weiner

We had an unexpectedly fantastic weekend in Brooklyn this weekend for Renegade Craft Fair (Unexpected because it was supposed to rain 24 hours a day, and strike us down with lightening, according to weather.com, which was thankfully incorrect).
Friday night I picked up Phil from the airport as he flew home from Greece that day - we dropped our stuff at a pal's Park Slope apartment, and wandered around the park laughing about how the craft fair was going to be a rainy disaster the next day. We came upon a huge crowd of people having picnics on blankets, and just as we were about to ask one of them what was going on, a woman's voice coming through the park on a loudspeaker announced that Andrew Bird would be playing a free concert in just one moment. So there we stood, and there we got a free concert, through the trees, from one of our favorite musicians. This wouldn't happen in Baltimore, we thought!
Saturday we were up at 7 and somehow even though it misted rain most of the day, and rained harder in the afternoon, New Yorkers weren't fazed, and we managed to have a decent day. Sunday was beautiful all day, and so busy that we went from the 9 bins of apparel we brought to 4 bins on the way home. A record day in Brooklyn for sure.
I always say I could never live in NY. It's too crowded and busy for me. But moments like these... where my favorite bands play free in a park, people come out to support the arts even in the rain and where at the end of the day, there are homemade Polish donuts a few blocks away, and delicious Venezuelan Food in the other direction... I can see why other people want to.

Also, I got this sweet new necklace from Erica Weiner to help conquer my anxiety over plane landings (and also, maybe to suggest that I know, or exist secretly as, Superman).

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