Friday, June 17, 2011

Super Snooze.

Went to see Super 8 with Phil last night, and here's my review: Don't see it.
instead, go rent every 80's movie you ever loved... picture someone hot gluing all those movies together in a jumble, then spitting and sneezing on them and putting in some unnecessary computer graphics... and you'll have watched Super 8... But you'll be much more satisfied.
Unless this was a spoof I didn't catch. Did it trick me like Christwire recently tricked my friend Ben? I kept waiting for there to be a wink, or a nudge nudge, indicating that it was actually a parody of Hollywood being nostalgic for 80's originality... but I didn't see one...which lead me to assume they were thus trying to sincerely present this movie, and these characters as a new idea, which would have really just disappointed me, if I hadn't had 2 glasses of wine with dinner, and gotten to be on a date with my sweetie (so instead, I just didn't care). Plus the finished Super 8 film, played over the end credits was just charming enough that all was well, and we walked home already forgetting the entire thing.
Know what IS good?
These stripey shirt portraits by designer Mary Matson featured on the Anthology Magazine website today. Pictured are "portraits" of Zoe Cassavetes and Maira Kalman.
Click here to go to Chance Co. where the set of six prints are being sold — proceeds will go to the Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund.

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