Monday, June 20, 2011

Choose your own adventure.

Well, Hello Monday, June 20th. How are you?
Not sure about you, but I find myself with a choice this morning, about how my week will go:
I could either:
a) Wallow in self pity that this morning I got an email from Readymade Magazine - who'd asked me last week for some scarves to feature on their website - telling me they'll no longer be needing them, as they were ironically shut down within hours of contacting me... Or self pity that Phil is leaving for a work related trip to Scotland tomorrow that I'd planned to join him on, but that we couldn't afford at the last minute...
b) Rejoice that in the last few days, I've managed to pull together a brand new art website for myself in time for my 3rd appearance in New American Paintings magazine (Issue #94, out now at your local bookseller), And that I ran 3 miles without stopping on Saturday, after we had an impromptu jam session with instruments on the sidewalk at 8am to cheer on runners in a local 10mile road race going by our street (which you'd think would have annoyed the neighbors, who came out in their pajamas to see what was the matter, but instead of being angry, they just grabbed tambourines and sang along), and that Saturday night, Phil + I celebrated 100 years of this magical community existing by taking on our first catering gig (cooking for 120 vegetarians) for the Abell Community Centennial Celebration. I spent plenty of time outdoors all weekend, didn't work at all, and saw a beautiful puppet show, a friend's band play in the park, and drank fresh vegetable juice cocktails on a porch full of flowers last night before walking back home hand in hand with my #1 sidekick while the sun set over Baltimore, and one of those bizarre motorbike parades whizzed by doing wheelies.
I mean really. Why aren't people flocking here? It's amazing.

fine! b. I choose b.


Sarah said...

whoa. that website looks sweeeeet!

2 hawks 2 fishes said...

amazing! i love reading your blog!