Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Printing Lessons

Question: "Wait... who the heck is THAT!??" (you're probably asking yourself) "I thought you had to have red hair to work the squeegee shift at Red Prairie Press!"
Answer: FALSE!
Sometimes when the workload gets to be too much, you have to ask for help - and so, meet Natalie: Summer intern and printer extraordinaire! Technically, Natalie's been interning here at Red Prairie Press for a few months now, but only part time. This summer, she's decided to sign on for some serious heavy lifting - and today was her first screenprinting lesson (she did fantastic!)
I'm so happy to have her here. She is two extra hands, a bundle of enthusiasm, and very good company. Plus, she loves Mr. Sammy, which is the only other requirement of this job.

Amazing how much more TWO people can get done in a day compared to one...


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I miss Natalie! Give her lots of high fives!