Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lindsey Adelman

Lamp by Lindsey Adelman. Photo from Apt Therapy.

While we're on the subject of house projects... does anyone have $12,000 I can borrow have? I want this lamp by Lindsey Adelman to be in our dining room. It's so pretty, and if I tried to make something similar on my own, it would fall and bonk Mr. Sammy on the head, and then the bed would be cold at night and Phil would be pissed at me... so I think it's best I spend your money on this real one instead, thannnnnnnnks.

update: a reader pointed out that in further Lindsey Adelman awesomeness, her website features a DIY section for those of us who don't have friends who will loan them 12k - here's an example of someone following the directions for the chandelier, and building it for $120 out of Home Depot parts! WOW!.


k.krapp said...

i dont have the 12k but i can point you to this instead

Rachel said...

Oooh! Thanks! I admittedly saw the DIY section on her site, and when I glanced, I thought you still had to buy the fixtures from her! I see now that is NOT the case. What an amazing artist! Updating my post now!