Monday, March 28, 2011

Loading Dock

It's already noon on Monday, and I haven't gotten much done. It's not that I'm not working... it's that I'm sore from a weekend of learning to use power tools on my own, doing some really basic plumbing in the studio (and getting water everywhere, all the same), and visiting one of my favorite places in Baltimore: The Loading Dock.
If you don't know about this place, you should. It's a business that gives a second life to used hardware, wood, appliances, fixtures, tiles, bricks and leftover housepaint - and sells it on the cheap to people like me who are doing projects on their own, and don't want to spend a fortune. I went with a friend Saturday and found that they had piles of used 2x4's they were giving away FREE to make room for nicer wood. SCORE! I bought $6 worth of plywood - enough to make six 4' shelves, and found enough free 2X4's to build the walls. I came home a happy gal, and after a brief rally session to convince myself I could work the chopsaw without Phil around, I cut it all down and got to work!
I've been building walls on the screen printing washout booth in the studio - which should have had walls long ago, but I hadn't gotten around to it. Poor Natalie (the fearless intern) has been getting soaking wet reclaiming screens recently, and I decided it was time to step it up a notch. The rest of the wood was for shelving behind the washout - these will hold screens and tools, and will have a workbench in between.
I'm about 3/4 of the way done, and I can't wait to show you my very first "plumbing" and "construction" projects.
Feeling quite handy, if I do say so myself.


Angie said...

I'm dreaming of more free wood. Let's go back Saturday and beg for more 13 foot beams!

Rachel said...

I'm there!!!! (for real).