Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Really enjoying the new teapot I bought for $1.50 this weekend at a thrift store in Baltimore. Our old one had rusted out, and this was the ultimate find! Also purchased for .50/each were these glass hot-drink cups. You might just say we're geared up for hot toddies, but you'd be wrong because we're technically out of lemons.
Do you like the bizarre folksy placemat they're sitting on? Me too! A gift from Mom.

I'm working my butt off trying to finish our 2011 Catalogue in time for POOL Tradeshow in Vegas (Feb. 14th) - and it's coming along quite well. Our second photoshoot is Thursday, and once I get some model shots from my anonymous and ever-so-loyal-and-lovely Red Prairie Press model, I will be in the homestretch!
You'd think Vegas would be what was on my mind these days, wouldn't you? Well, you'd be wrong again! (Just like with the Hot Toddies!)---because after Vegas, I'll be headed to a cabin in the woods of WV to celebrate a friend's big 30th birthday.

But wait, that's not all I'm thinking about either! Because just weeks after that, I'm hopping on a plane and traveling to Panama.
Why you ask?
Because I just heard about these things called "Vacations" - it's when you take a trip and it's not for any purpose other than fun. No work, no holidays, no plans. Just exploration. And language barrier hilarity. (And inevitably... more freckles).

What a year this is already turning into!

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Laura said...

Sounds like you've got quite a lot ahead of you - all exciting! And I love the new tea pot - a great find! I'd love a hot toddy right about now too...