Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow, Neighbors and Tshirts

I love this snow so much. I know it makes the city crazy, and people frustrated.
but I can't help feeling right at home in the powder.
We had the nicest night on Thursday. We were cooking dinner, and through the window of our kitchen we could see that our neighbors were cooking too (our windows facing is a semi-creepy, but often laughed about fact between the two houses). They came and knocked on the door and told us to come over with our dinner and eat at their house - which we did, in our slippers. We all played Bananagrams and drank wine, talked into the night and baked some tasty Vegan chocolate chip cookies with chocolate remnants from 3 different houses. So perfect. Yesterday, our other neighbor had shoveled our steps before I got outside to do it myself (so I shoveled another few peoples walks instead).
I grew up in the middle of nowhere and often feel like I can never get enough privacy in the city. I miss being in a place where you can't even SEE your neighbors. But sometimes it's nice to know that there are good people so close by too. I feel watched out for, and thought of. And there is something good enough in that, that I don't mind having to remember to close the curtains, or turn my music down.
Our neighborhood as a whole is particularly good at looking out for each other, and supporting each other, and generally enjoying each other. And we should be! In the city, we all live on top of each other, and can see into each others houses. We're a big family, whether we get along or not... so why not embrace it! Aren't neighbors the best?

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2 hawks 2 fishes said...

Beautiful Rachel! .. the story and the shirts.