Monday, January 31, 2011


We had a great photoshoot on friday for our 2011 catalogue (Thanks to Jen, Jay & Phil for the help) despite a certain furry beast's insistence on being part of every shot. Mr Sammy is a spoiled cat, and doesn't react well when Phil or I pay attention to others. He weaseled his way onto the photo paper every few shots and had to be chased/lured/dragged off. Luckily, our lovely + talented model was able to pose gracefully, pretending he wasn't there at her feet attempting to push her out of the frame, but this dedicated little ham has literally been camped out at the foot of the paper since Friday, still trying to maintain position.

While Mr. Sammy waits for his 15 minutes of stardom, I'm editing up a storm to get everything ready for print this week. I'm also listening to Coffee Break EspaƱol - a basic Spanish learning program in free-podcast form that my friend Felice recommended. The theme song makes me giggle, but I already know more Spanish than I knew this morning.

Hasta la Proxima!

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