Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fashion makes

video by Kinga Burza for Kate Spade.

Oh Kate Spade. Where did all these awesome ads and videos come from?
We love your use of new media. Also your use of color, music, stop motion animation and beautiful people.
And by Kate Spade, I of course mean Kinga Bursa - the awesome woman responsible for this video (along with, as it turns out, lots of others you might have seen recently).
As Phil and I head to PA to shoot for an animated music video he's working on right now (a song called "Living Things" by our pals The Spinto Band) this weekend, I will secretly be dreaming of making my own videos. (I will then likely lose interest, and dream of superbowl snacks instead - and THESE dreams will come true)...

New goal #1: to be the sort of company that gets to make or commission this sort of video featuring our clothing and someone else's delicious songs...all for the sake of being awesome. Anyone wanna help?


Carly said...

There are lots of local musicians who would LOVE to wear your clothes in their music videos. Step in the right direction. Just sayin'.

Phil Davis said...

lets do it.