Monday, January 3, 2011


After some much needed R+R in our other favorite state, Phil and I are back in Baltimore, and after finishing up our yearly entry in our Christmas Journal (yes, we have that. It tells highlights + downers of each full year -not just christmas- so we can remember life happenings even post-senility. We've done it since 2007. Before that - I have no recollection of what happened) we have been excitedly plugging away at the new apparel line for 2011.
Wait... highlights of 2010, you ask? In no particular order: Seeing The Beast Pageant completed on the big screen in Rochester, Having a solo show, Having our first full year in our new house, seeing two dear friends get married in Baltimore, and another have a baby, digging a big hole, visiting California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, DC, Washington State... and driving + flying through more that I'm forgetting. Illustrating for a large magazine (despite the end results), a surprise birthday party, a snowy cabin, new neighbors and old neighbors and countless delicious meals with friends. Thanksgiving with our "adopted" family, Christmas with real family... and craft fairs upon craft fairs full of lovely people and inspiring work.
Facing (er, standing in) 2011, I'm looking forward to our first wholesale show in Vegas in February, unleashing new styles, and new prints for the spring, a few more weddings, a few more craft fairs and my own personal resolution. One word only: Focus.

Let's do this.

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