Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I'd like to state for the record that I made it through the entire holiday craft fair season without so much as a sniffle, much less a cold. So when I got one right after Christmas, I shrugged and dawned sweatpants... spent a few days popping ibuprofen, and was back on my game. But I guess it wasn't done with me (or my household) because after two super productive days back at work, we both find ourselves in sweatpants with a box tissues between us, camped out on the couches in the living room embracing our netflix.
As luck might have it, I managed to hit up the bookstore yesterday and buy some magazines for fashion research - so in between episodes, I'm doing some browsing too. I'm completely smitten lately with Finnish design company Marimekko. Their 70's inspired fashion designs are really smile inducing, and their bold, often-hand-drawn prints are inspiring. Check out this video of their spring 2011 fashion show - done in a makeshift indoor flower garden. Very cool.
here's to everyone's health. Until I regain control of mine, I'm headed back under my blankie. Which is neither 70's or well designed, but it IS awfully comfortable.*

*fun fact: some folks native to my homeland of central New England even consider comfort a quality of equal or greater value to fashion. I know... crazy right?

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