Saturday, August 7, 2010


It's true, cupcakes are very hip right now... So always-present, in fact, that they're nearing the dangerous edge of not exciting...but they probably won't fall, because they're still cake. and cake is not a trend, it's a gift to mankind. (who's writing this post? Cathy?)
Anyway, it doesn't mean I don't want them, or want to make them, or want to go to a birthday party full of them.
I must say I'm really enjoying all the cupcake accessories pop up on Etsy in the last couple years too. (Especially when it means thinning out some of the Mustache & Keep Calm gear).
Check out these pretty tulip shaped cupcake holders from Cupcake Social.
Love the vintage feel to these. They make me smile, and I swear, if I had more time I would do things like bake cupcakes.
And by golly, they would SO be in these things. {ACK!}

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