Friday, August 6, 2010

Flowers in your hair... but also bring a coat.

Hello, from GLORIOUS Baltimore, MD.
it's been over a week, friends! How are you!?

Tah-Dah! After a curiously epic 28 HOUR JOURNEY HOME (which I won't complain about here, Airtran, don't worry Airtran. I won't badmouth you here Airtran.) We are FINALLY back from our trip to San Francisco. We had a great time at Renegade craft fair & loved meeting all of you west coasties. We also loved seeing our first Redwoods, seeing sea lions and starfish in the pacific, eating large quantities of mexican food & visiting swoon worthy shops like Curiousity Shoppe, Little Otsu, The Pirate Store (Nonsensicle retail space connected to the Dave Eggars writing workshops), and Paxton Gate.

Driving down highway 1 and watching the surfers and seeing the ocean and stopping to get tacos at a roadside stand was smile inducing to say the least. Seeing our first redwood forest almost reduced me to tears. The weather out there confused the crabs out of us. So cold in some places that I wore my winter coat & scarf! Loved seeing Alcatraz (what? i did!) and the golden gate bridge, and wandering golden gate park (which by the way, is NOT near Golden Gate Bridge, which by the way, is not golden at all).

I'm now back to work at a ferocious pace to make up for an extra unexpected day off...
tomorrow I'll reveal what I'm working so ferociously on. I swear. But today, you'll hopefully enjoy these snapshots of our past week, forgive me for being an inconsistent blogger, and email me if you want to hear my thoughts on Airtran Airways.

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