Saturday, July 24, 2010


My best friend from NH childhood is getting married next year in a poofy white gown, frosted cake & dance party ceremony. I can't wait to be a part of it, see my bridesmaid dress, and celebrate wildly. I love weddings - of all sorts... which is why I'm sad to miss the first half of her wedding festivities this weekend! She is marrying into a muslim family from Pakistan, and today they will have a "Nikah" - a traditional muslim wedding ceremony which I know very little about, except that it involves being covered in henna, and later, sequins & garlands of flowers and announcing the Nikah to the public. I believe the "marriage" happens when they each repeat three times that they take each other as husband & wife...but I'll have to be filled in later.
I'm distraught to be missing out on being there, but the other brides-ladies and the lovely bride herself have been kind enough to send me photos of the whole process... I thought you might like to see the beautiful henna designs they have on their hands as of last night!
I'm so inspired by the patterns and think that Phil and I will just have to celebrate from afar tonight for our friends.
Kim & Tariq, we're thinking of you, and can't wait for wedding #2!

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