Monday, July 26, 2010

Best of Baltimore poll is here!

One of my favorite times of year is when Baltimore City Paper puts out their reader's poll for the Best of Baltimore. You get to vote on the best of everything in the city from shoes to politicians & everything in between. Phil and I have voted every year for the 6 years we've been here, and it's been fun to see our knowledge of the city grow. The first year here, we could only come up with answers for about 10 categories. That number doubled by the next year, and again the next year. Now in our SIXTH year living here in the greatest city in america - there are finally more categories filled OUT for both of us than there are categories left blank.
At the urging of a friend, I am posting this link so that you can vote for all the best of baltimore too - and so that you might keep Red Prairie Press in mind when considering clothing design & art. The best part is, EVERYONE gets a say, so vote for WHOever you want, and WHATever you want, and leave whatever categories blank that you want too
... just promise to keep exploring this city until we can all fill out a whole ballot with no blank spaces.

(I don't think you have to be a Baltimore city resident to have your vote count - you just need to fill out at least 25 categories)

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