Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Sundresses!

Just in time for your late summer vacation to the shores of ________ (enter picturesque body of water of your choice)... we proudly introduce to you our new Feather print sundresses in black & heather pink.
Sewn from sturdy cotton - slightly thicker than our other tees - these full skirted pieces cinch flatteringly with an elastic waistline just above the naval, and fall gracefully over your legs (without suctioning between them in the wind like some thinner cotton), and remain delightfully opaque in the brightest of sun.*
The lightweight straps cross in the back, adding some style, class and the potential for evening-wear to an otherwise comfy daytime summer dress. All in all, making you feel not unlike a classic ballerina.... even if your vacation is only to the shores of your home shower, and the fancy iced drink we both envisioned you holding just moments ago is just Baltimore tap water.

Midsummer heatwaves, we TRIPLE DOG DARE you to test our ability to look good while sweating!

*this claim tested & proven at Artscape Baltimore 2010

1 comment:

garbella said...

love these sundresses! are you going to have them at Renegade SF? I'll stop by your booth to check it out...