Monday, July 19, 2010


Screenprinted tote by Artscape vendor: More Collective

Holy cow, my little prairie dogs.... Artscape wore me out, and somehow Monday has escaped me.
My feet are aching, my skin is happy to feel the AC pumping in our house today, and (although possibly influenced by the large pile of cash & credit card receipts in front of me) I'm just elated to live in a city this great, and this supportive of the arts.
We had a fantastic, hilarious & totally exhausting three days at Artscape. I met some wonderful new folks, got to talk with some online customers and put faces to email addresses, and best of all - got to be a part of the huge crowd of talented artists pumping art into the hands of Baltimoreans all weekend!
My weekend purchases included: An annual taste of delicious fried dough (which, I KNOW... down here we call "funnel cake", because they pour the dough through a funnel or something... but to me, it's still called fried dough), a few sips of "margarita" that tasted more like $8 worth of a Ramada Inn swimming pool than the mixed drink by the same name (still... when ice is involved, your standards are significantly lower on a hot hot day..) and most exciting: a beautiful new ceramic mug that Phil picked out from our neighbor, Pink Kiss Pottery. We were in the DIY section, conveniently located near the Midway, art cars, a misting tent, and an alternative food court which lead to the purchases of 2 outstanding falafel sandwiches from a local Falafel-Monger, and a "Wheelie Good Smoothie" - (basil, orange & strawberry) blended entirely with bike power, from our pal Nattan.

Highlights of Artscape for me included the wave skateboard ramp built by Jordan Bernier & friends, the stilts parade, a man that walked by with dollar bills stapled to his belly offering the opportunity to anyone who had another dollar (I passed), the great costumes, the art exhibits on Thursday night (especially Kelley Bell's animations in the Sondheim semi-finalist show - still up at MICA), and all the shrieks of delight we got as people tried on our clothing & gave each piece a new home!

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Abigail Leigh said...

glad to hear you did so well, it was a great time but super hot....blah.