Thursday, June 17, 2010

I don't care if Monday's Blue...

Is it already Thursday? Almost Friday? What!?
I'm happy to say that I've been so motivated this week that I didn't notice it go by. It's been a while.
I've started up a schedule of waking up, getting an iced coffee with Phil, taking a photo reference, making a new painting for the series I'm working on, eating dinner, checking emails, going for a run(somehow, I went almost 5 miles yesterday meaning to go 2. I blame The Cure), Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns and going to sleep. A new painting every day this week (ok, plus a break for a delicious meal at Woodberry Kitchen last night, thanks to my pal Angie).

I'm completely smitten with life as we know it. I go to bed every night already excited for the next day, like it's summer camp. Like every day is Friday. Phil is working in his studio on hand drawn animations and since my office is just down the hall, we can shout to each other and have sing-a-longs without getting in each other's way. I'm working hard, but it's not on tshirts for once and (though I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job) the break is a small relief. Pile of Craft is next week, and I'm ready to go! In the meantime, it's been a year since I felt like making paintings, and I'm going to embrace it while it lasts.

Am I going to show you what I've been working on though? Nope! It's going to be a surprise (though, I doubt if I'll be able to keep it until I'm really done). But I promise it'll be a fun one.

Hope to see you at the Baltimore Etsy Craft Meetup tomorrow evening in Roosevelt Park at 6pm, and if not then, I REALLY hope to see you next Saturday for Pile of Craft. Either all these events are inspiring me to use my time wisely... or Carma's Cafe is putting something in their iced coffee. I'm okay with both, if this keeps up.

in the words of my favorite band to run with "It's [almost] Friday, I'm in love."

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